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Bowmen of the Deans Wild Boar themed fun shoot

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While there is always a something to challenge yourself with in Archery, whether it is getting a 252 badge, shooting at a new distance for the first time or trying to beat your personal best it can sometimes be fun to do something completely different.

The Bowmen of the Deans are a club based in Coleford in the Forest of Dean. They have at least one competition open to surrounding clubs every year. This year they decided that they wanted to do something different and hold a fun themed shoot. Being in the Forest of Dean what better theme could they have chosen than Wild Boar.

The shoot consisted of shooting at Wild Boar shaped paper targets at distances of 60 and 50 yards shooting 3 dozen arrows at each distance with a brake in the middle to have Wild Boar sausages!

The shoot was very well attended with 6 members of Ledbury Archery club going down to Coleford and approximately 30 Archers shooting in total for several different clubs.

I would like to thank them for their hospitality and hope that we can invite them over to Lebury for a competion soon.

The Bowmen of the Deans website can be found here

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