Ledbury Archery Club

Target and Clout archery for all

Beginners Course – Day 2

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Today saw the second day of the summer beginners course. Once again in very seasonal weather. I really like the second day as it is a great chance for the beginners to get to shoot a lot more and practice what they have learnt in the first day.

We also managed to include more in the course this time around as Pat suggested that we have our mini competition at two different distances (starting in the morning at 15 yards and continuing as we went back to 20 yards).

This helps to better simulate what archers do every week, either on their own if they are shooting a round or in a competition.

Everyone did so well, with everyone passing and showing how much they had learnt and how much they had improved.

Most importantly they all seemed to have had a good time with a lot of the participants joining or taking forms to join. I hope that they will all continue in archery at Ledbury or another club and I hope to see they again on the shooting line.

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