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Clout and Field Shoot

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Saturday 25th August saw our first combined Clout and Field Shoot – simultaneous events with the archers swapping disciplines half way through the event. The teams were chosen at random and Team A, led by Chris Harvey, had Rachel, Richard, Chris Outrim, Gordon, and Martyn commenced with our newly laid out field archery course in the woods whilst Team B, comprising Mark, Pat, Robert, Ellen and Geoff under the leadership of Graham started with a single, two way clout in an adjacent field. Half way through it was all change, with Team A taking to the field and Team B entering the woods.

After a fantastic mornings shooting by both teams we had some winners, and it was pleasing to see that Geoff came out on top by a clear, two point margin in the clout event and also tied for top honours with Richard (who was awarded the trophy) in the field shoot.

The events were fantastically well organised by Graham and Chris who have also put in a lot of work in recent weeks in preparing a wonderful field course for us. There was also the little matter of the team event and on this occasion the overall winners were Graham’s Team B.

IMG_20180825_130433742 (Medium)IMG_20180825_122604468 (Medium)

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