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Christmas Fun Shoot

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Waiting Line (Large)

We had a fabulous turn out for the Christmas fun shoot at Tarrington – attended by over 50% of our members, who all professed to enjoy themselves enormously despite the complications of the scoring! It brought some nice variety to our target shooting to be able to aim at a Snowman, Nutcrackers, Festive Stockings, Scrooge, a Christmas Tree or a Wreath and to have the frisson of excitement knowing that you may end up with a negative score, if your aim is only slightly off! After the initial round of shooting, we had a break for Tab-nabs and Tea and sampled the delights of both home made and shop bought delicacies. Shooting was resumed with the final desparate attempts to win the prizes on offer.

Congratulations go to George, Richard, William, Robert, Gordon and Jamie who all came away with a prize and thanks go out to all those who brought food along and took part. A special thanks to Pete and Robert and our other ‘kitchen helpers’ for organising the spread.

The Line (Large)

Adding up (Large)

Tuck in! (Large)

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