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In my days at sea, the international code flag “Q” was flown when our ship entered port. This literally meant “I request Free Pratique”, or the vessel was free of disease and we requested confirmation from the Port Authorities that we would be granted a certificate to say that we had no communicable disease on board, and our normal everyday operations could resume.

Perhaps we should fly the same flag over our shooting grounds at Putley.

However, as it currently stands, all shooting at Putley and Tarrington must stop completely. This is not an arbitrary decision but one made after careful consideration and it follows the guidelines issued by Archery GB and, importantly, their insurers. To go against this advice means that we will be going against the Governments guidance and that of our sports governing body and will also mean that we no longer have any insurance cover in case of any accidents or incidents.

Accordingly, no member is to travel to the club’s venues at Putley or Tarrington and attempt to put up any form of target and commence shooting.

I must also stress this is not an isolated decision. There will be no further shooting at any of the other Herefordshire clubs, Bromyard and Hereford Company of Bowmen have confirmed they have also suspended shooting indefinitely. It is likely that most, if not all, Archery clubs in the country will follow the guidance and allow no further shooting for the forseeable future, and that all competitions either within the county or outside will also be postponed or cancelled.

In line with this I will cancel all calendar entries for the next two months, but this does not mean that shooting will resume after this time. It will only resume when the guidelines change from the Government and Archery GB and this will be communicated by email to all members in due course.

My thanks to all members for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Keep well and healthy, and if there is any further support you need from myself or the committee, please do not hesitate to ask.

Mark Beaumont

Chairman, Ledbury Archery Club


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