Ledbury Archery Club

Target and Clout archery for all

Animal Themed Shoot


This months club competition was a little different to usual thanks to Mark. While we were still shooting at targets at 20, 30 and 40 yards they had animal target faces on them instead of the usual circles.

Mark had arranged it so that there was an even challenge at every distance. 20 yards had the smallest faces (a pheasant and a duck), 30 yards had medium faces (a wilder-beast and a ibex deer), finally 40 yards had large faces (a zebra and a buffalo).

Everyone had to shoot at each target and then shoot 4 more ends on whichever targets they liked to make 10 ends (60 arrows total). It was a fun competition and everyone scored well from the longbows to the recurves, and from the novice archers to the experienced ones.

Afterwards (just as it started to rain!) we went into the barn for a BBQ which everyone brought their own meat for. I have to say I have never seen soo many different types of meat on one grill.

Finally to round thinks off there was a “pigeon eliminator” where everyone took it in turns to shoot 6 special arrows with rubber ends (called ‘blunts’) at 6 foam pigeons on a fake tree. Everyone was on a level playing field as everyone used the same bow and arrows, neither of which had been shot before at these targets.


I would like to thank Mark once again for organising something soo different and for everyone for turning up and making it soo much fun.