Ledbury Archery Club

Target and Clout archery for all

New Year’s Clout


HAA have just held their first competition of the year
A Two-Way Double Clout, to round off the festive cheer
Assembly at 10:30 for registration and briefing
We don’t hang around – the temperature’s freezing.

Introductions over and greetings exchanged,
We shiver “Why are we here? We must be deranged!”.
The bright morning sun, shining no warmth
Comes with an icy blast, straight from the north.

The gently fluttering flags are deceptive and unkind,
As flutter turns to flap when we approach the line.
However all is well, it’s a lovely day
We reach the mark – at least when shooting this way.

Turning back for the next end, the wind in the face causes a tear
It seems we’ve done well, to the flag arrows fall near,
But the further we walk it appears – flag proximity was only a tease.
Most shafts have dropped short, stalled in the breeze

A pattern repeated from end to end all through the day,
The skill of many Archers was on display,
As the day draws in, a new obstacle to success
The low sun in our eyes caused some distress.

The archers excelled, and the excuses were imaginative
Arrangements fastidious and the venue attractive,
The judging was fair and the scoring accurate,
And winners departed with some chickens & chocolate.

In conclusion, and to complete the report,
We really appreciate assistance in organising our sport
So, thanks to our hosts at Putley and for those who helped out,
Especially the hot soup, after the clout!

Brgds / Mark Beaumont
Ledbury Archery Club

The Winners:

LAC Winners (Medium)