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Wand Shoot

Once again our brave company of Archers gathered in Putley to practice for the next threatened invasion of our shores. This month’s shoot was our variation of “The Wand”, a traditional discipline to encourage accuracy using a somewhat different style of target. In days gone by a willow wand was set up at ever increasing distances and archers would do their best to ‘split the willow’. Our inaugural Wand Shoot used more practical (and hopefully durable) targets set up at distances between 25 and 50 yards, with straw butts in place to act as backstops. To level the field somewhat, Barebows and Longbows were the only equipment allowed.

Thankfully, the weather was relatively kind to us and whilst the sun did not put in much of an appearance there was no rain in evidence either.  Our County Chairman (Dave Bruce) paid a visit to see what all the fuss was about, and seemed satisfied that we were all having a good deal of fun (which is partly what Archery is all about!).

Extra points were on offer at the organisers discretion for car parking discipline and range set up assistance, but unfortunately not all arrows shot found their mark and one wayward arrow found its way through the unsupported tail end of a rope used on one of the straw butts. In the spirit of the day, our Club Secretary, Robert claimed (and was granted), a bonus point because of his trick shot!

Once all the scores had been totted up, a victorious Andy Deeble has the honour of displaying The Wand trophy in his trophy cabinet for the next year, Lyndon Hunt came a very close second – missing out by 1 point! All in all an enjoyable mornings shooting which we hope will become an annual event – although the rules may change from year to year depending on who is running the shoot!

Wands on the range (Large)

The Range

Shooting 1 (Large)

Shooting The Wand ….

Shooting 2 (Large)

…. under leaden skies

Hits on The Wand (Large)

A high degree of success

Rope (Large)

The Wand is obviously far too wide a target for Robert!

Winner - Andy (Large)

Our Worthy Winner