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Summer Barbecue / Animal Shoot / Pigeon Eliminator

A rather belated report on the July Summer fun shoot held at Putley.

The weather started rather mixed, but a good turnout ensured healthy competition for the first of the days activities. Across the Putley veldt an unfortunate and rather disparate group of beasties stood ready to lay down their lives for the members of Ledbury Archers. The company were assembled and instructed by our field captain, Pat Beaumont, who ensured fair play and safety for all (except for the animals of course). In turns the Tiger, Musk Ox, Capybara, Peccary, Fox and Hare were duly despatched in a hail of arrows which left no doubt as to their ultimate fate….. And so onto the barbecue!

As we did not have any of this new-fangled ‘gas’ stuff to cook on, Graham kindly stoked and lit the fires early enough to ensure that the flames had subsided to an appropriate cooking temperature come lunchtime. Whilst we did not have any of the exotic fare offered on the field; sausages, burgers, lamb and vegetarian fare were all consumed with gusto.

As the barbecue progressed, the pigeons alighted on the tree at the end of the barn and archers took turns to eliminate them from the area. At just shy of 20 yards this proved quite difficult using a low poundage hunting bow and fairly unmatched ‘blunt’ arrows, even when a sighter was allowed, but we like a challenge and when a pigeon was unceremoniously knocked off its perch it was greeted with a cheer and a ripple of applause from the interested bystanders.

Many congratulations to our winners on the day;
Animal shoot:  Longbow – Malcolm    Recurve – Richard G    Barebow – Richard L-B
Pigeon Eliminator: Martyn

Once again, thanks to all who had a hand in organising the days events, and we are all looking forward to next months club competition – another fun shoot, this time it is being organised by the Three Musketeers; Gordon, Andy & Geoff…..

Safe (Large)

Pigeons are visibly quaking in fear (or perhaps it’s the breeze…..)

PE Winner (Large)

Martyn is awarded the Pigeon Eliminator trophy for 2019 (Jan puts a brave face on whilst having to give up the trophy she won last year)