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Club Records

Here are the latest Club Records, which are awarded for the highest scores shot by a club member for each recognised Round and Bow Type. The Current Club Records have just been started with the score sheets I have been given.   So if, at any time, you feel you have achieved a better score than those shown in the Club Records above, please let our Records Officer know. These will be published on the website so you can see how things are going and what you need to do to gain a record.

As you can see, there are not many rounds at present so you can easily get yourself a record by doing a recognised round and submitting your score card. It’s that easy so give it a try!  If you are unsure what rounds there are or how to score, you can ask one of the coaches or Records Officer, who will be happy to help.

There are a number of different scoring software ‘apps’ available for mobile phones – some are better than others. Some of these apps can produce your scorecard in a .pdf file which can be emailed direct from your phone to Records@ledburyarcheryclub.org

Club Records as of 3rd May 2019

Club Awards

These are the Club Awards received by various members from the score sheets I have received so far, however, if at any time you feel you have achieved another award than those shown in the Club Awards above, then please let know.

2017 Awards


These are the latest Classifications obtained by various members, there is an explanation of these in more detail on the Scoring page but a brief description of what they are is:

“Classifications are a measure of the standard you have achieved and take into account your age and gender – they will be recognised by all other Archery GB affiliated clubs in the country.”

2017 Classifications


These are the 2017 Handicaps based on the submitted scores for 2017

2017 Handicap Improvement

I intend to issue the next list at the end of the next quarter, so good luck everyone and keep those score sheets coming.