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About us

As we follow the rules issued by the Government, Sport England & Archery GB, and gradually ease ourselves out of Lockdown, we are contacting those who have expressed an interest in joining our club, or participating in a Taster Session or Beginners Course. As we work through our extensive list of applicants that has built up over the last year and a bit, we are contacting people on a strictly ‘First Come / First Served’ basis and a priority is being given to those whose courses were cancelled in 2020. We are all keen to get the club operating in a similar manner to how we were  in pre-Covid days, but will not jeopardise the health of any of our members, or visitors by relaxing our rules too soon.

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Another Flagpole bites the dust!

Following on from the efforts of George, Gordon, and Geoff; Graham is the latest Archer to have attained the, near impossible, goal of hitting the flagpole during a Clout. The latest success was again during one of our Roving Clout shoots with unknown distances, making the achievement even more remarkable…

This is becoming a rather frequent occurrence now – so much so that it has been proposed that the shot is recognised by awarding a special trophy – passed on from Archer to Archer as the flagpole is hit.

It must be remembered that we are still waiting for someone to hit the flag whose name doesn’t start with a ‘G’. Perhaps Chris or Martyn should think about changing their names to Ghris or Gartyn!

Graham with his end-winning shot.
The assembled company looking on, many green with envy….

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There’s Gold to be found!

Stunning scene on Thu 29th April
…and what is at the end of the Rainbow?

As the club has now been re-opened for a month (albeit still with restrictions and social distancing), it’s nice to see that the heavens are recognising our efforts! Did you know that you can only ever see a Rainbow when the sun is behind you (as evidenced by the shadows in these photos)?

Many thanks to Richard Lee-Buxton who captured these images over our target range at Putley on Thursday.

We sincerely hope he was well rewarded on the next end!

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All Archery Suspended from 05/01/2021

Further to the announcement from Boris Johnson, and the rapid spread of the latest, more infectious, strain of Coronavirus, the Committee have made the decision to suspend all archery activity at the club – all ranges outside and in the barn.

We suspect that it may be a few days before Archery GB come out with any guidelines after they have fully evaluated the latest Government regulations, but until there is further clarification it would be prudent to fully follow the “stay home / stay safe” mantra.

We recognise that this will be disappointing to members, but we must put this into perspective and remember that by staying home we will all be doing our part to combat the spread of the virus – and it’s not so onerous at this time of year when the weather is predominantly cold and wet….

We will obviously continue to monitor the rules and guidance and let you know if and when any changes can be made.

So, all that remains is for the Committee to wish you all well and urge you to stay at home as far as possible and stay safe.



Mark Beaumont,

Chairman, Ledbury Archery Club

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Geoff has done it again!

This is getting to be a frequent occurrence:

1 (Large)

Once again we have resumed our shooting after an absence of several weeks. Whilst the rest of us fumble around trying to find the right distance or counter either a head, tail or cross wind, Geoff seems to shrug it all off…. A partially hidden flag, over a tree and straight into the flagpole at about 70 yards. In this case it was made even more difficult by shooting directly at a low lying sun – so temporarily blinded as well!

This is the second time Geoff has achieved this in 2020 – and had we not been in Lockdown for many months who can tell how many more times it would have happened.  Quite a bit of pressure for 2021!

The Ledbury Archery Club regular Clout archers who assembled for a bright and chilly late autumn socially distanced shoot, all appreciated the skill involved (and secretly hope it will be them next time!). Rumors of the wooden flagpoles being replaced by lengths of copper or steel pipe to “level the playing field” have been greatly exaggerated….

2 (Large)

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First Home-Grown (Senior) Bowman

Please join me in congratulating Rachel who was presnted with her Bowman’s classification badge on Saturday 26th September.

The club now has 3 archers shoting to a Bowmen standard – Justin, Rachel and Joe, our other County Clubs should be quaking in their boots (if any competitions were being held!).

Although achieved on the target field, the presentation was made prior to our socially distance club clout shoot, which of course Rachel also won! It is believed a higher score than Rachel’s was achieved, but only by some of the beefier men dropping down to the ladies distance – so they don’t count!

Bowman presentation (Large)

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Some great news!

Unfortunately during the Coronavirus there has been little to celebrate in terms of our members archery achievements – then we have two announcements within the space of a week! Following Geoff’s remarkable shot on Thursday, I am now very pleased to be able to announce that Joe has cause for a double celebration of his own.

The consistent hard work that Joe Barton has put in has finally paid off, and he has now been awarded his Junior Bowman’s classification badge. No easy feat, and this is reflected in the fact that Joe becomes the first Junior Bowman that Ledbury Archery Club has had.

Junior Bowman Presentation (Large)

Joe receiving his Junior Bowman classification badge from Records Officer Pat Beaumont

Joe’s consistent fine shooting and positive attitude has also been recognised by Wales Archery, who have now announced a sponsorship deal with Joe. Although it is always pleasing to see plenty of Ledbury Archery colours at external competitions I think it will also be a source of pride for the whole club that we have Joe representing us (when competitions resume) in Wales Archery livery!

Wales Archery Sponsorship (Large)

Joe Barton, full draw

Wales Archery Sponsorship 2 (Large)

Joe Barton on the line

Please join my congratulations to Joe for his achievements and also for continuing to ensure Ledbury Archery Club is firmly on the map in Herefordshire and the West Midlands. Stephanie is a very proud Mum!


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Getting to be a habit…

Unbelievably, the club has now been re-opened for two months! Obviously we were all very nervous on the first day, taking extra care to socially distance and santise everything in sight to prevent the spread of Covid 19. We have since been a little more relaxed regarding the rules, two people lifting the bosses are no longer reminded to wear masks and we all occasionally forget to don our gloves before touching the target faces / bosses. However, we should not become complacent and we should bear in mind what happens when we take the eye off the ball – the flare up down the road at Rook Row Farm in Mathon is an example of what can happen.

Please bear in mind that whilst many of us now have two months experience of our new procedures and regimes, many of our fellow members have not resumed their archery yet and will require re-assurance that we are all acting in a safe manner when they do come back. Please keep up the good work and continue to diligently follow our established procedures to ensure everyone remains safe.

Whilst some members are happy to shoot target, others of course prefer Clout (or a version of it) where there is no contact with common use equipment and social distancing is easier to maintain. I say ‘no contact’, but that obviously does not apply to Geoff who joins the elite club  (along with George & Gordon) of having hit the clout flagpole. Whilst this appears to be an increasingly common ocurrence, Geoff does take a special honour in that the flag he hit was totally unsighted from the shooting line.

Chris Harvey, having a vivid imagination, kindly set up the range for us and is keen to point out that the idea is to shoot over a large tree as if it were the battlements of some medieval castle, and drop your arrows down onto the hapless peasants opposing army, milling around in the courtyard below…..

Congratulations Geoff, shot of the month!

Geoff (Large)

Geoff Langley, Over-the-Tree Shot 23/07/2020

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LAC – Re-opening 23rd May 2020

After a 2 month Hiatus caused by Covid 19 restrictions, the club took its first tentative steps towards a full resumption of shooting on Saturday 23rd May.

The UK Governments “Stay at Home” message has now been slightly relaxed to enable some sporting activities, those deemed to have a low risk of spreading the Coronavirus, to resume in a carefully controlled manner.

Archery GB have provided a set of Guidelines for clubs and archers and these have been adapted and implemented to allow shooting to re-start in a manner deemed safe for all. Risk assessments have been drawn up, agreed and published and our stringent procedures have been accepted by all members prior to shooting. The barn, storage container and toilets have (by and large) been closed to members, new target spacing and equipment handling requirements observed, a sanitising station set-up and social distancing rules strictly followed.

Two sessions were shot on Saturday on the target range, with a limited number of members participating. All agreed it was very enjoyable to once again be out shooting again despite the breakage and loss of some arrows!

The current format of two sessions on a Saturday will continue for some time, and when and where possible, will be supplemented by the opportunity for Clout shooting in future weeks. As time progresses we will also consider whether it is feasible to extend the shooting sessions to different days.

In the meantime we have a few pictures to share for those who were unable to join us.

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Tarrington Results and Indoor Classifications

Tarrington 2020 Arrows

I have now competed all the results for the Indoor season and am pleased to announce the following:

Tarrington League Results – Based on the best 6 average scores submitted, the results are as follows



Dave Quinn



Rachel Cecil



Stephanie Barton



Joseph Barton




Mark Beaumont



Pat Beaumont



Chris Woods




Mike Woodhall



Caroline Shaw



Graham Shaw


Congratulations to Dave Quinn, Mark Beaumont and Mike Woodhall.  Your trophies and medals will be given out at our next meeting when the lockdown is over.

Indoor Classifications

This season I have used the tables used by Cambridge University for Longbow and Barebow as Archery GB did not produce any tables for these bow types.

Member Class


Justin Twigg Compound


Dave Quinn Barebow


Rachel Cecil Barebow


Chris Woods Longbow


Mark Beaumont Longbow


Pat Beaumont Longbow


Richard Lee-Buxton Recurve


Congratulations to all and your classification badges will again be given out at our next meeting when the lockdown is over.

Meanwhile, stay safe and well.

Best Regards,

Pat Beaumont

Records Officer