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Geoff Langley Memorial Clout ~ Sept 2021

George and Lyndon hold trophy accompanied by Mary Langley and Rachel

Earlier this year our club was shocked to hear of the untimely death of one of our members. Geoff was a keen longbowman and had made clout shooting somewhat of a speciality. What finer tribute then than a club clout with a specially commissioned trophy?
Recurve and longbows competed over a single distance. Scoring was fast and furious with all archers producing their best. Although rivalry was evident, the strongest features of the morning were camaraderie and laughter. After an exhausting 9 ends we decamped to the garden for refreshments and presentations.
We were delighted to welcome Geoff’s wife Mary and other family members to present the medals:

Bronze: Sarah Ian
Silver: Pat Chris H
Gold: Caroline Lyndon

Overall trophy winner: Lyndon

Lyndon passed his hard-won trophy on to George in recognition of the occasion. A thoughtful and generous act applauded by all. It was another great morning for Ledbury Archery Club and, hopefully, there will be many more.

Thanks to George and the regular clout shooters for great organisation; to Graham and Anne for use of their garden and to the Langley family for joining us and helping us to celebrate our friend.
A final toast to Geoff, an archer and a gentleman!

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HAA County Championships – Success!

Greetings all,
This is just a quick missive to congratulate all who took part in the county shoot today.  I thought the main drama was going to be a broken nail on my part but Mark topped that by obliterating his longbow midshot.  The weather stayed fair and our club shone brightly too!
At the risk of missing someone out…. Gold medals for Richard, Simon, Malcolm and Steph, as well as a silver for George in the Bristol and National rounds. Championship medals and some nice bling for Pat and Mark (Ladies and Gents Longbow), Caroline (Ladies recurve), Joe (U18 barebow), Justin (Gents compound) and me (Ladies barebow). So that’s 6 county champions for Ledbury and just 2 for Bromyard.
Events like this only work with support of a field crew. Thanks to Graham and Robert for making excellent tea and to all those who helped set up and take down the range. Also a big wave to those who came out to support us, it was much appreciated.

Silverware – awaiting awards

Don’t forget that Thursday shooting now starts at 5pm for those who can make it. 
Smiling and waving,

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LAC “Tea Room”

As some of you may have noticed, preparations are underway to bring our seating area at the club back into service.

The rules around Covid have been somewhat relaxed and whilst we must still excercise a degree of caution, particularly in respect of social distancing, it is felt that we may soon be able to resume our morning tea / coffee breaks on a Saturday. Although sheltered, the barn is not a totally enclosed space and we can therefore consider it to have substantially more ventilation than a pub, cafeteria or restaurant.

Whilst not in use the pigeons have made the most of the space and had fouled the sink area and furniture, making it it a very unhygenic and less than desirable venue. Thanks to Robert the entire area and facilities have received a thorough clean and also a special Thanks to Lyndon & Graham for their work to install some pigeon deterrents in the form of netting and spikes to dissuade birds from landing, perching and roosting on the barns’ roof and bulkhead structure above the sink and seating area.

Lyndon – working at height…
….affixing deterrent netting,
…. before moving on to install the anti-pigeon spikes on the cross-trusses.

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Flagpole – ‘Peppered’?

Peppered may be too strong a word but the instances of our clout flagpoles being hit are now becoming a regular occurrence. So much so that the clout group now have a pennant trophy held by the latest person to join the exclusive club. Congratulations to Ian Staines, the most recent winner. Graham only held the honour for a short time so we expect his fiercely competitive nature to re-assert itself with more damage to the pole in the coming weeks!

Ian Staines – the latest archer to stick the flagpole….

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Congratulations to our New Coaches!

Joining our existing coahses, Katie (Lead Coach) and Peter, we are very pleased to be able to congratulate Chris, Gordon and Rachel on eventually achieving their Level 1 coaching standard. Unfortunately, due to circumstances surround the Coronavirus restrictions, the course took well over a year longer than it should normally have done, however we now have a really strong coaching team and when the current Beginners Course has been completed I am sure that any of the coaches will offer advice to members on any aspect of their archery in either a formal or informal way. Bear in mind we have the County Championships coming up, so ensure that you are on the top of your game!

Just see the guys and gals in red….

Pictures of official shirt handovers below.


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Clout / Field Group

Whilst the majority of members continue to shoot at targets on our range beside the barn, our Clout Group (using traditional equipment) are often to be found lurking about at the bottom of the farm or in the woods, shooting clout, rove or field. Be on the lookout for these curious individuals!

The Woodsmen!
Newly qualified coach Gordon, looking to hit the mark in the woods
Peter, showing how it’s done

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Another Flagpole bites the dust!

Following on from the efforts of George, Gordon, and Geoff; Graham is the latest Archer to have attained the, near impossible, goal of hitting the flagpole during a Clout. The latest success was again during one of our Roving Clout shoots with unknown distances, making the achievement even more remarkable…

This is becoming a rather frequent occurrence now – so much so that it has been proposed that the shot is recognised by awarding a special trophy – passed on from Archer to Archer as the flagpole is hit.

It must be remembered that we are still waiting for someone to hit the flag whose name doesn’t start with a ‘G’. Perhaps Chris or Martyn should think about changing their names to Ghris or Gartyn!

Graham with his end-winning shot.
The assembled company looking on, many green with envy….

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There’s Gold to be found!

Stunning scene on Thu 29th April
…and what is at the end of the Rainbow?

As the club has now been re-opened for a month (albeit still with restrictions and social distancing), it’s nice to see that the heavens are recognising our efforts! Did you know that you can only ever see a Rainbow when the sun is behind you (as evidenced by the shadows in these photos)?

Many thanks to Richard Lee-Buxton who captured these images over our target range at Putley on Thursday.

We sincerely hope he was well rewarded on the next end!

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All Archery Suspended from 05/01/2021

Further to the announcement from Boris Johnson, and the rapid spread of the latest, more infectious, strain of Coronavirus, the Committee have made the decision to suspend all archery activity at the club – all ranges outside and in the barn.

We suspect that it may be a few days before Archery GB come out with any guidelines after they have fully evaluated the latest Government regulations, but until there is further clarification it would be prudent to fully follow the “stay home / stay safe” mantra.

We recognise that this will be disappointing to members, but we must put this into perspective and remember that by staying home we will all be doing our part to combat the spread of the virus – and it’s not so onerous at this time of year when the weather is predominantly cold and wet….

We will obviously continue to monitor the rules and guidance and let you know if and when any changes can be made.

So, all that remains is for the Committee to wish you all well and urge you to stay at home as far as possible and stay safe.



Mark Beaumont,

Chairman, Ledbury Archery Club