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Geoff has done it again!

This is getting to be a frequent occurrence:

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Once again we have resumed our shooting after an absence of several weeks. Whilst the rest of us fumble around trying to find the right distance or counter either a head, tail or cross wind, Geoff seems to shrug it all off…. A partially hidden flag, over a tree and straight into the flagpole at about 70 yards. In this case it was made even more difficult by shooting directly at a low lying sun – so temporarily blinded as well!

This is the second time Geoff has achieved this in 2020 – and had we not been in Lockdown for many months who can tell how many more times it would have happened.  Quite a bit of pressure for 2021!

The Ledbury Archery Club regular Clout archers who assembled for a bright and chilly late autumn socially distanced shoot, all appreciated the skill involved (and secretly hope it will be them next time!). Rumors of the wooden flagpoles being replaced by lengths of copper or steel pipe to “level the playing field” have been greatly exaggerated….

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