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Scoring is a central part of target archery as it enables you to track your progress and to compete with others if desired, so it’s important to start scoring.

In target archery formal shooting takes the form of rounds.  A round comprises a stated number of arrows shot over specific distances. There are many different types of round – each one has its own name to identify it and can be shot at different distances.  A listing of the different types of rounds can be found within the ‘Archery GB Rules of Shooting’ under the Useful downloads section of the Ledbury Archery club website

Note that the outdoor rounds start on page 27 (section 3-9) of the .pdf document.

Classifications are a measure of the standard you have achieved and take into account your age and gender – they will be recognised by all other Archery GB affiliated clubs in the country.

You can achieve 3rd, 2nd, 1st or BM (Bowman) classification at any club shoot or Competition. All you need to do is to submit 3 qualifying scores to the Records Officer (me) to classify. You can only classify for MB (Master Bowmen) and GMB (Grand Master Bowman) having submitted 3 scores to Archery GB, from Record Status Shoot / Tournaments.

Scoresheets can be found on the Useful downloads section of the web site or I will have some spare at the field, so please just ask.

When you submit a score sheet, please include the following details.



Location if not at the club.

Bow Type, (recurve, compound, longbow or barebow).

Round, (for example Short National. If you are unsure please state the distances shot).


Age group for juniors. These are U18, U16, U14, U12.

Your score.


Witness signature

There are a number of different scoring software ‘apps’ available for mobile phones – some are better than others. Some of these apps can produce your scorecard in a .pdf file which can be emailed direct from your phone to Records@ledburyarcheryclub.org

If you wish to know what score you need to achieve your next classification, then these are also available on our website within the Useful downloads section and is called Shooting Admin Procedures;

LAC Badges can also be earned by submitting a valid score sheet as detailed here or under the Useful downloads section

I look forward to receiving your score cards and issuing your classification badges!

Kind Regards