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Once again the clubs valiant archers were called upon to defend their green and pleasant land from rather unsavoury characters from somewhere across the channel. A sneering king had brought his royal court, including his Jester, to the fields of Putley and it was our task to do battle and vanquish the enemy horde.

Of course the balmy summer weather aided the defenders admirably and with bells ringing in our ears, the Timed Target Shoot (under the watchful eye of our Field Captains and Organisers; Gordon, Geoff, and Andy) commenced.

Within a couple of hours, the foes had all been vanquished, tea quaffed, arrows found and peace and serenity had returned. Excellent performances were achieved by all archers, but of particular note were those who went above and beyond in cutting down the opposition: Graham B & Mark B using Longbows, Chris B with his trusty Recurve and Dave Q with his Barebow, even the Jester was not spared and was duly despatched in fine style by Lyndon.

Very many thanks to the organisers for this weekends fun shoot (and donated prizes) and we will keep our fingers crossed that this can become an annual event.

As everyone thought this was a relatively straightforward and easy shoot (tongue firmly in cheek!), our next organised shoot on the 28th September will be a bit more challenging – “The Wand”….

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County Championships @ Putley!

Ledbury Archery Club hosted the County Championships at Putley today. At best, the weather could be described as rather mixed, although we did avoid the torrential downpours, thunder and lightning that could be seen and heard in the distance over the Malverns. The sky was rather reminiscent of a Turner seascape at times – not exactly what was expected of a mid-summer shoot.

Even during the passing showers, little deterred the majority of the 24 competitors who gathered for the many and varied rounds offered by the County Chairman, David Bruce – save for one withdrawal (the writer) due to a non archery – related injury.

I am pleased to report there was considerable success for Ledbury Archery Club and congratulations go to Rachel, Caroline & Graham, Stephanie & Joseph, Graham, Justin and Pat. It’s good to know the club is now a force to be reckoned with in the County!

Mark B.


The Line (Large)

The Line

Targets (Large)

Yep, the sky was that dark…..

Winners and Medallists (Large)

Congratulations to all – didn’t we do well!

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Summer Barbecue / Animal Shoot / Pigeon Eliminator

A rather belated report on the July Summer fun shoot held at Putley.

The weather started rather mixed, but a good turnout ensured healthy competition for the first of the days activities. Across the Putley veldt an unfortunate and rather disparate group of beasties stood ready to lay down their lives for the members of Ledbury Archers. The company were assembled and instructed by our field captain, Pat Beaumont, who ensured fair play and safety for all (except for the animals of course). In turns the Tiger, Musk Ox, Capybara, Peccary, Fox and Hare were duly despatched in a hail of arrows which left no doubt as to their ultimate fate….. And so onto the barbecue!

As we did not have any of this new-fangled ‘gas’ stuff to cook on, Graham kindly stoked and lit the fires early enough to ensure that the flames had subsided to an appropriate cooking temperature come lunchtime. Whilst we did not have any of the exotic fare offered on the field; sausages, burgers, lamb and vegetarian fare were all consumed with gusto.

As the barbecue progressed, the pigeons alighted on the tree at the end of the barn and archers took turns to eliminate them from the area. At just shy of 20 yards this proved quite difficult using a low poundage hunting bow and fairly unmatched ‘blunt’ arrows, even when a sighter was allowed, but we like a challenge and when a pigeon was unceremoniously knocked off its perch it was greeted with a cheer and a ripple of applause from the interested bystanders.

Many congratulations to our winners on the day;
Animal shoot:  Longbow – Malcolm    Recurve – Richard G    Barebow – Richard L-B
Pigeon Eliminator: Martyn

Once again, thanks to all who had a hand in organising the days events, and we are all looking forward to next months club competition – another fun shoot, this time it is being organised by the Three Musketeers; Gordon, Andy & Geoff…..

Safe (Large)

Pigeons are visibly quaking in fear (or perhaps it’s the breeze…..)

PE Winner (Large)

Martyn is awarded the Pigeon Eliminator trophy for 2019 (Jan puts a brave face on whilst having to give up the trophy she won last year)


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‘New’ Foam Targets

We have had a good week with the target bosses this week.

Our two 90 cm foam bosses have been getting a bit of a pounding over the last year and had become very soft in the centers, and as a result the stopping power has been greatly reduced. We hired a steel strapping tool and Pat, Graham and I repacked both last Thursday which has improved their condition considerably, and both now perform much better. For the materials used, thanks go to both:

Lintman Logo New 2     and       Crest of Bromyard Bowmen

On Saturday, Graham and I collected 4 x 130 cm used but good foam target bosses, and 1 stand, from Dave Michael (Hereford Company of Bowmen) in Rotherwas. These had previously been part of a sponsorship deal between Daves’ company and Herefordshire Archery Association and were used by Lugg Valley Archers.

We would like to extend the gratitude of our club and our members to both Dave and Andrew Hubbard (COO of Bathgate, the sponsors) for these targets that will certainly get well used in the coming weeks and months.


Large Foam Targets (Large)

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The Worcestershire Archery Society have recently held two bow meetings – the first at the end of May and the second at the end of June, and participation is on an invitation only basis.

At each meeting participants are required to shoot 10 dozen arrows at 60 yards – and an award is made for the highest aggregate score over the two meetings.

We are pleased to announce that Malcolm was this years top scorer having a combined total of 909 over the 240 arrows.

Many congratulations to Malcolm for this magnificent achievent!

Winner (Large)

Malcolm with his prize


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June Club Clout Competition

Once again members gathered on the Clout range for a friendly competition – this time in the form of a metric clout over 165m, 125m and 100m. Despite range limitations permitting only Longbows and Barebows taking part, a significant number of the clubs archers entered the competition under clear skies and sweltering heat.

There was very little wind to provide any relief – although some claimed that their arrow trajectories were affected by what must have been strong ‘upper level’ breezes…. The writer believes that this is a characteristic of what is commonly termed “The Archers Excuse”, rather than any genuine meteorological phenomenon present at the time!

Unfortunately the heat caused one casualty as Jan succumbed, but has since made a full recovery after rest and fluid replenishment in the shade.

The Winners were:

165m      Longbow – Chris Harvey             Recurve – Richard Lee-Buxton

125m      Longbow – Peter Dobson             Recurve – Gordon Wooley

100m      Longbow – Jan Lee-Buxton          Recurve – Caroline Shaw

Special prizes were awarded to most arrows nearest the flags, and went to Geoff Langley & Pete Dobson

All participants stated how much they enjoyed the event and although the heat was somewhat oppressive it was a relief from the recent spell of rain and cold weather. Thanks go to Richard and Jan for the organisation.

Next up our annual Animal Shoot and Pigeon Eliminator along with the summer barbecue (bring your own food to cook) on Saturday 27th July.

June 29th, 2019

6 (Large)

On The Line

0 (Large)

On the way to the Clout

2 (Large)

Good stance

3 (Large)

Scoring arrows at 100/125m

4 (Large)

Counting them in at 165m

5 (Large)




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LAC gets a new Coach!

Many congratulations to Katie Ridge who, following completion of her Level 1 coaches course, was awarded her ‘Badge of Office’ on Saturday 18th May, in the form of her Ledbury Archery Club “Coaches” Sweatshirt.

Presentation (Large)

We now have Peter, James and Katie available to the club members as our regular coaches to provide advice and guidance on matters of technique, equipment set up and other performance related issues. They are all available to help but please do bear in mind that they would also like to do some shooting of their own (occasionally!) and so an appointment may be necessary, and immediate resolution to an issue may not be forthcoming.


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Corporate “Have-a-Go”

On Friday 17th May, Ledbury Archery Club hosted a corporate “Have-a-Go” for Safran Landing Systems. Following a lunch the assembled participants – under the guidance of our 3 coaches; James, Peter and Katie, initially ran through a safety briefing and and warm up procedures before being split into 3 groups to try their hands at some different disciplines of Archery – Target Shooting, Clout and a fun event (in this case, the Pigeon Eliminator). An enjoyable (and quite competitive!) afternoon was had by all, with medals and awards being made at the end of the day.

These occasional events serve two valuable purposes; to foster knowledge of Archery in the community and to raise funds for the club which we can use to purchase equipment and to keep membership fees down. A big thank you to all those who gave up their time on Friday to make the event a success.

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A day of ‘Firsts’

Saturday 27th April saw the first of our 2019 ‘internal’ club competitions, and also the first that George has run. A very succesful mornings shooting – some came away with prizes, no arrows were lost and the rain stayed away, what else could we have asked for?

Well, a little less wind would have been nice – it’s the first time I have seen targets blown over when they have been staked down, but as it happened two minutes after the last arrows were shot and collected I don’t think we can complain too much.

Thanks to George for the organisation of his inaugral shoot. There are several dates for competitions in the diary that we need volunteers to run; There is a Club Clout competition on June 29th, a ‘Western’ on August 24th and a ‘Clout & Field’ event on October 26th that we need volunteers for. Our next competition for club members only will be on May 25th organised by Chris Outtrim.2019 Warwick (Large)