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Don’t try this at home!

With the suspension of all archery in the UK on the direction of Archery GB, some may be tempted to shoot at home. Do remember that you will have no insurance from Archery GB if anything were to happen (such as a stray arrow leaving your property), and that your neighbours may not take kindly to practicing just over the hedge from where they are sunbathing! Even if you have the space, Archery GB’s insurance will not cover shooting on any range that is not registered with them.

Hopefully we can all survive this enforced hiatus and will have renewed enthusiasm when restrictions are lifted.

Keep safe and well

Animated Garden Archer


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All shooting suspended…..


In my days at sea, the international code flag “Q” was flown when our ship entered port. This literally meant “I request Free Pratique”, or the vessel was free of disease and we requested confirmation from the Port Authorities that we would be granted a certificate to say that we had no communicable disease on board, and our normal everyday operations could resume.

Perhaps we should fly the same flag over our shooting grounds at Putley.

However, as it currently stands, all shooting at Putley and Tarrington must stop completely. This is not an arbitrary decision but one made after careful consideration and it follows the guidelines issued by Archery GB and, importantly, their insurers. To go against this advice means that we will be going against the Governments guidance and that of our sports governing body and will also mean that we no longer have any insurance cover in case of any accidents or incidents.

Accordingly, no member is to travel to the club’s venues at Putley or Tarrington and attempt to put up any form of target and commence shooting.

I must also stress this is not an isolated decision. There will be no further shooting at any of the other Herefordshire clubs, Bromyard and Hereford Company of Bowmen have confirmed they have also suspended shooting indefinitely. It is likely that most, if not all, Archery clubs in the country will follow the guidance and allow no further shooting for the forseeable future, and that all competitions either within the county or outside will also be postponed or cancelled.

In line with this I will cancel all calendar entries for the next two months, but this does not mean that shooting will resume after this time. It will only resume when the guidelines change from the Government and Archery GB and this will be communicated by email to all members in due course.

My thanks to all members for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Keep well and healthy, and if there is any further support you need from myself or the committee, please do not hesitate to ask.

Mark Beaumont

Chairman, Ledbury Archery Club


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Lighting strikes twice!

I hope you will all extend your hearty Congratulations to Gordon for his Clout Flag strike at 140 yards last Saturday (1st Feb). As Gordon points out “As Harold might have said, standing under his banner: ‘I think we’ll be OK here’. ”

For those new to the club, this is the second Clout Flag strike we have had in the club, if you search through these blogs you will see that George achieved a similar feat in August 2018.

clout flagClout StrikeIt’s becoming a bit of a habit for our members! Who’s next….?

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Well Done Steph!

Congratulations go to Stephanie Barton on her latest golden end at Tarrington.

Most of us would be happy with this on a 60cm target, but for someone (who, remember, only completed her beginners course in 2019) to do this on a 40cm target with barebow is something special and worth celebrating.

Very early days in 2020 Steph – let’s see what can be achieved during the rest of the year!

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The HAA Christmas Clout

As another year draws to a close we had beautiful weather on Monday for our Christmas Clout, the sky was cloudless and the temperature warm in the December sun, so it was such a pity that we were shooting on the day before – Sunday, when the first job of the day was for our host, Graham to light his mobile log burner to thaw out the participants prior to shooting. Only one hardy soul shot only in his T shirt (possibly because his wife, Karen, had sequestered all his other warm clothes). Hereford Company of Bowmen make them tough! Mind you Dave Michael had by far the highest score of the competition so perhaps we should all take a leaf out of his book for next year!

Most of the shoot was under an overcast, grey, leaden sky but that did make it a bit easier to see the arrows flying off into the distance. Towards the end of the competition we also had some breaks in the cloud cover and saw some blue sky peeking through.

All agreed that it was a fanatastic antidote to a few days of lethargy and over indulgence and we managed to keep dry, so that was a bonus. There were some impressive scores from our club archers and congratulations go to all our medallists. Results for this competition (and for all previous competitions) can be found on the HAA web page here.

We look forward to welcoming more of our members at county shoots in 2020.

2 (Large)

On The Line, 165m & 125m archers

1 (Large)

The Line

7 (Large)

The 75m Line

4 (Large)

Watch where you’re going!

5 (Large)

Waiting for the scorer

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Tarrington Christmas Indoor Shoot

Once again the company of Ledbury Archers assembled in Tarrington for some Christmas cheer and fun shooting. As has now become a tradition, we moved away from regular tragets and had a choice of 6 festive targets to shoot at:

Targets (Large)

The shooting was made more difficult by some areas of the targets generating a negative score when hit – but it was the same for everybody, so all is fair in love and competition!

Prizes were awarded per target with the only rule being that one person could only take away one prize, so many congratulations to the six different winners on the night, although it was more about the taking part, the convivial atmosphere and the food than who actually won.

A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members, past and present.


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First “Robin Hood” for the Club?

One of our newest members, Steve Powell, rently acheived what is thought to be a first for the club (now I will get loads of people telling me I’m wrong and we have had many before!). At Tarrington on 24th October he achieved a “Robin Hood” with one arrow so perfectly alligned with a previously shot arrow that it travels down the centre of the shaft. It is still quite a rare and impressive feat – even though it comes at the price of an arrow! Steve also advised that the fletches were almost perfectly aligned….

Congratulations Steve!

Steve Powell - Robin Hood 1 (Large)

Steve Powell’s “Robin Hood”

Steve Powell - Robin Hood 2 (Large)

Steve Powell’s “Robin Hood”

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Monthly Competition – September 2019

Once again our brave company of Archers gathered in Putley to practice for the next threatened invasion of our shores. This month’s shoot was our variation of “The Wand”, a traditional discipline to encourage accuracy using a somewhat different style of target. In days gone by a willow wand was set up at ever increasing distances and archers would do their best to ‘split the willow’. Our inaugral Wand Shoot used more practical (and hopefully durable) targets set up at distances between 25 and 50 yards, with straw butts in place to act as backstops. To level the field somewhat, Barebows and Longbows were the only equipment allowed.

Thankfully, the weather was relatively kind to us and whilst the sun did not put in much of an appearance there was no rain in evidence either.  Our County Chairman (Dave Bruce) paid a visit to see what all the fuss was about, and seemed satisfied that we were all having a good deal of fun (which is partly what Archery is all about!).

Extra points were on offer at the organisers discretion for car parking discipline and range set up assistance, but unfortunately not all arrows shot found their mark and one wayward arrow found its way through the unsupported tail end of a rope used on one of the straw butts. In the spirit of the day, our Club Secretary, Robert claimed (and was granted), a bonus point because of his trick shot!

Once all the scores had been totted up, a victorious Andy Deeble has the honour of displaying The Wand trophy in his trophy cabinet for the next year, Lyndon Hunt came a very close second – missing out by 1 point! All in all an enjoyable mornings shooting which we hope will become an annual event – although the rules may change from year to year depending on who is running the shoot!

Wands on the range (Large)

The Range

Shooting 1 (Large)

Shooting The Wand ….

Shooting 2 (Large)

…. under leaden skies

Hits on The Wand (Large)

A high degree of success

Rope (Large)

The Wand is obviously far too wide a target for Robert!

Winner - Andy (Large)

Our Worthy Winner

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Once again the clubs valiant archers were called upon to defend their green and pleasant land from rather unsavoury characters from somewhere across the channel. A sneering king had brought his royal court, including his Jester, to the fields of Putley and it was our task to do battle and vanquish the enemy horde.

Of course the balmy summer weather aided the defenders admirably and with bells ringing in our ears, the Timed Target Shoot (under the watchful eye of our Field Captains and Organisers; Gordon, Geoff, and Andy) commenced.

Within a couple of hours, the foes had all been vanquished, tea quaffed, arrows found and peace and serenity had returned. Excellent performances were achieved by all archers, but of particular note were those who went above and beyond in cutting down the opposition: Graham B & Mark B using Longbows, Chris B with his trusty Recurve and Dave Q with his Barebow, even the Jester was not spared and was duly despatched in fine style by Lyndon.

Very many thanks to the organisers for this weekends fun shoot (and donated prizes) and we will keep our fingers crossed that this can become an annual event.

As everyone thought this was a relatively straightforward and easy shoot (tongue firmly in cheek!), our next organised shoot on the 28th September will be a bit more challenging – “The Wand”….

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County Championships @ Putley!

Ledbury Archery Club hosted the County Championships at Putley today. At best, the weather could be described as rather mixed, although we did avoid the torrential downpours, thunder and lightning that could be seen and heard in the distance over the Malverns. The sky was rather reminiscent of a Turner seascape at times – not exactly what was expected of a mid-summer shoot.

Even during the passing showers, little deterred the majority of the 24 competitors who gathered for the many and varied rounds offered by the County Chairman, David Bruce – save for one withdrawal (the writer) due to a non archery – related injury.

I am pleased to report there was considerable success for Ledbury Archery Club and congratulations go to Rachel, Caroline & Graham, Stephanie & Joseph, Graham, Justin and Pat. It’s good to know the club is now a force to be reckoned with in the County!

Mark B.


The Line (Large)

The Line

Targets (Large)

Yep, the sky was that dark…..

Winners and Medallists (Large)

Congratulations to all – didn’t we do well!