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LAC “Tea Room”

As some of you may have noticed, preparations are underway to bring our seating area at the club back into service.

The rules around Covid have been somewhat relaxed and whilst we must still excercise a degree of caution, particularly in respect of social distancing, it is felt that we may soon be able to resume our morning tea / coffee breaks on a Saturday. Although sheltered, the barn is not a totally enclosed space and we can therefore consider it to have substantially more ventilation than a pub, cafeteria or restaurant.

Whilst not in use the pigeons have made the most of the space and had fouled the sink area and furniture, making it it a very unhygenic and less than desirable venue. Thanks to Robert the entire area and facilities have received a thorough clean and also a special Thanks to Lyndon & Graham for their work to install some pigeon deterrents in the form of netting and spikes to dissuade birds from landing, perching and roosting on the barns’ roof and bulkhead structure above the sink and seating area.

Lyndon – working at height…
….affixing deterrent netting,
…. before moving on to install the anti-pigeon spikes on the cross-trusses.

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Flagpole – ‘Peppered’?

Peppered may be too strong a word but the instances of our clout flagpoles being hit are now becoming a regular occurrence. So much so that the clout group now have a pennant trophy held by the latest person to join the exclusive club. Congratulations to Ian Staines, the most recent winner. Graham only held the honour for a short time so we expect his fiercely competitive nature to re-assert itself with more damage to the pole in the coming weeks!

Ian Staines – the latest archer to stick the flagpole….

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Congratulations to our New Coaches!

Joining our existing coahses, Katie (Lead Coach) and Peter, we are very pleased to be able to congratulate Chris, Gordon and Rachel on eventually achieving their Level 1 coaching standard. Unfortunately, due to circumstances surround the Coronavirus restrictions, the course took well over a year longer than it should normally have done, however we now have a really strong coaching team and when the current Beginners Course has been completed I am sure that any of the coaches will offer advice to members on any aspect of their archery in either a formal or informal way. Bear in mind we have the County Championships coming up, so ensure that you are on the top of your game!

Just see the guys and gals in red….

Pictures of official shirt handovers below.