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Christmas Fun Shoot

Waiting Line (Large)

We had a fabulous turn out for the Christmas fun shoot at Tarrington – attended by over 50% of our members, who all professed to enjoy themselves enormously despite the complications of the scoring! It brought some nice variety to our target shooting to be able to aim at a Snowman, Nutcrackers, Festive Stockings, Scrooge, a Christmas Tree or a Wreath and to have the frisson of excitement knowing that you may end up with a negative score, if your aim is only slightly off! After the initial round of shooting, we had a break for Tab-nabs and Tea and sampled the delights of both home made and shop bought delicacies. Shooting was resumed with the final desparate attempts to win the prizes on offer.

Congratulations go to George, Richard, William, Robert, Gordon and Jamie who all came away with a prize and thanks go out to all those who brought food along and took part. A special thanks to Pete and Robert and our other ‘kitchen helpers’ for organising the spread.

The Line (Large)

Adding up (Large)

Tuck in! (Large)

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Noticeboard installed

IMG_20181108_121751136 (Large)

Today has seen the installation of our new noticeboard by Robert & Mark.

This will be used in conjunction with this website to keep members advised of who’s who, upcoming events, advice on how to complete a scorecard, the classification scores required for some of the more popular recognised rounds and anything else we can think of that may be of interest to members. In future we will use this as an area where members can advertise equipment for sale, where coaches can add a rota of availability,  and where club clothing prices can be found. As it will become an important part of the clubs operation, please keep checking the noticeboard for updates.



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Clout and Field Shoot

Saturday 25th August saw our first combined Clout and Field Shoot – simultaneous events with the archers swapping disciplines half way through the event. The teams were chosen at random and Team A, led by Chris Harvey, had Rachel, Richard, Chris Outrim, Gordon, and Martyn commenced with our newly laid out field archery course in the woods whilst Team B, comprising Mark, Pat, Robert, Ellen and Geoff under the leadership of Graham started with a single, two way clout in an adjacent field. Half way through it was all change, with Team A taking to the field and Team B entering the woods.

After a fantastic mornings shooting by both teams we had some winners, and it was pleasing to see that Geoff came out on top by a clear, two point margin in the clout event and also tied for top honours with Richard (who was awarded the trophy) in the field shoot.

The events were fantastically well organised by Graham and Chris who have also put in a lot of work in recent weeks in preparing a wonderful field course for us. There was also the little matter of the team event and on this occasion the overall winners were Graham’s Team B.

IMG_20180825_130433742 (Medium)IMG_20180825_122604468 (Medium)

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Animal themed shoot


This months club competition was a little different to usual thanks to Mark. While we were still shooting at targets at 20, 30 and 40 yards they had animal target faces on them instead of the usual circles.

Mark had arranged it so that there was an even challenge at every distance. 20 yards had the smallest faces (a pheasant and a duck), 30 yards had medium faces (a wilder-beast and a ibex deer), finally 40 yards had large faces (a zebra and a buffalo).

Everyone had to shoot at each target and then shoot 4 more ends on whichever targets they liked to make 10 ends (60 arrows total). It was a fun competition and everyone scored well from the longbows to the recurves, and from the novice archers to the experienced ones.

Afterwards (just as it started to rain!) we went into the barn for a BBQ which everyone brought their own meat for. I have to say I have never seen soo many different types of meat on one grill.

Finally to round thinks off there was a “pigeon eliminator” where everyone took it in turns to shoot 6 special arrows with rubber ends (called ‘blunts’) at 6 foam pigeons on a fake tree. Everyone was on a level playing field as everyone used the same bow and arrows, neither of which had been shot before at these targets.


I would like to thank Mark once again for organising something soo different and for everyone for turning up and making it soo much fun.

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Beginners Course – Day 2

Today saw the second day of the summer beginners course. Once again in very seasonal weather. I really like the second day as it is a great chance for the beginners to get to shoot a lot more and practice what they have learnt in the first day.

We also managed to include more in the course this time around as Pat suggested that we have our mini competition at two different distances (starting in the morning at 15 yards and continuing as we went back to 20 yards).

This helps to better simulate what archers do every week, either on their own if they are shooting a round or in a competition.

Everyone did so well, with everyone passing and showing how much they had learnt and how much they had improved.

Most importantly they all seemed to have had a good time with a lot of the participants joining or taking forms to join. I hope that they will all continue in archery at Ledbury or another club and I hope to see they again on the shooting line.