Ledbury Archery Club

Target and Clout archery for all

Getting to be a habit…

Unbelievably, the club has now been re-opened for two months! Obviously we were all very nervous on the first day, taking extra care to socially distance and santise everything in sight to prevent the spread of Covid 19. We have since been a little more relaxed regarding the rules, two people lifting the bosses are no longer reminded to wear masks and we all occasionally forget to don our gloves before touching the target faces / bosses. However, we should not become complacent and we should bear in mind what happens when we take the eye off the ball – the flare up down the road at Rook Row Farm in Mathon is an example of what can happen.

Please bear in mind that whilst many of us now have two months experience of our new procedures and regimes, many of our fellow members have not resumed their archery yet and will require re-assurance that we are all acting in a safe manner when they do come back. Please keep up the good work and continue to diligently follow our established procedures to ensure everyone remains safe.

Whilst some members are happy to shoot target, others of course prefer Clout (or a version of it) where there is no contact with common use equipment and social distancing is easier to maintain. I say ‘no contact’, but that obviously does not apply to Geoff who joins the elite club  (along with George & Gordon) of having hit the clout flagpole. Whilst this appears to be an increasingly common ocurrence, Geoff does take a special honour in that the flag he hit was totally unsighted from the shooting line.

Chris Harvey, having a vivid imagination, kindly set up the range for us and is keen to point out that the idea is to shoot over a large tree as if it were the battlements of some medieval castle, and drop your arrows down onto the hapless peasants opposing army, milling around in the courtyard below…..

Congratulations Geoff, shot of the month!

Geoff (Large)
Geoff Langley, Over-the-Tree Shot 23/07/2020