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Geoff Langley Memorial Clout ~ Sept 2021

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George and Lyndon hold trophy accompanied by Mary Langley and Rachel

Earlier this year our club was shocked to hear of the untimely death of one of our members. Geoff was a keen longbowman and had made clout shooting somewhat of a speciality. What finer tribute then than a club clout with a specially commissioned trophy?
Recurve and longbows competed over a single distance. Scoring was fast and furious with all archers producing their best. Although rivalry was evident, the strongest features of the morning were camaraderie and laughter. After an exhausting 9 ends we decamped to the garden for refreshments and presentations.
We were delighted to welcome Geoff’s wife Mary and other family members to present the medals:

Bronze: Sarah Ian
Silver: Pat Chris H
Gold: Caroline Lyndon

Overall trophy winner: Lyndon

Lyndon passed his hard-won trophy on to George in recognition of the occasion. A thoughtful and generous act applauded by all. It was another great morning for Ledbury Archery Club and, hopefully, there will be many more.

Thanks to George and the regular clout shooters for great organisation; to Graham and Anne for use of their garden and to the Langley family for joining us and helping us to celebrate our friend.
A final toast to Geoff, an archer and a gentleman!

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