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Ledbury archers celebrate jubilee in true regal style

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‘twas a blustery day but archers arrived to take part in the Royals versus Rogues Jubilee Stag Hunt. The Royals were seeking antlers for their castle wall whilst the Rogues just wanted a venison sandwich!

The contest took place over two rounds, shooting at distance on the Royal parkland and/or at the stag targets at shorter range. Both teams shot well and honour was served in that each team won one round, Team clout to the Rogues and Team stag shoot to the Royals.

Despite the Rogue team’s valiant efforts, when the two contest scores were combined, the Royals emerged victorious overall. Their captain was duly crowned King for the day.

Individual contest winners:
Lord of the Clout representing the Royals: Mark N.
Goodwife of the Hunt representing the Rogues: Michelle

Competition done, we all retired to the palace (barn) for a shared lunch.

Banquet in The Crooked Arrow
Banquet in The Crooked Arrow

Thanks to all who competed and brought food to share. Special thanks to Graham for organising the clout field, George for running the clout and very special thanks to Gordon for our brilliant handpainted stag targets.

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